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 2013 Outdoor Season Convenors

Convenors are volunteer who manage the specific leagues.  These volunteers are available to support the coaches, parents and players for specific leagues and manage league related activities. 

Convernors and Contact Information

Age / Gender / Location


Contact Information

 U4 Mixed King City

 Susan Jordan


 U4 Mixed Schomberg 



 U5 Mixed King City

 Cathy Melillo


 U6 Mixed Schomberg



 U8 Boys King City

 Cindy Lauriola


 U8 Boys Schomberg



 U8 Girls King City 

 Stephanie Jeanette=Manning


 U8 Girls Schomberbgy 



 U10 Boys King City

 Val Maniatis


 U10 Boys Schomberg

 Jennifer Besserer


 U10 Girls King City

 Sharon Hillier


 U10 Girls Schomberg



 U12 Boys

 Elizabeth Loptako


 U12 Girls

 Coralynn Giordano


 U14 Boys



 U14 Girls



 U16 Boys

 Michelle Vanderzon


 U16 Girls

 Val Maniatis


 U18 Boys



 U18 Girls

 Stephanie Pantaleo


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